359 State Street is a concept bike shop, aimed at high end townie and commute based cyclists, located in Los Altos, California.

From the outset the founders of 359 wanted a gallery like feel, that was simple yet would cast an impact that would be noticed inside and out.

 Work. Ride. Play. This became the anthem of the shop, as those who turn a pedal everyday enroute to work, chores and other drudgery get a little something more. the bike ride is a chance to play everyday, even if it’s on your way to work.

The 359 logo is intended to simple and efficient, just like a bike…it’s beauty is in it’s utility.

We developed a color palette and integrated the heritage of 359’s parent shop by xeroxing pages of it’s old catalogs on readily available color paper stocks, resulting in a mosaic installation of sorts.

The colors, in conjunction with the super retro throwback authenticity created a conversation piece throughout the shop.

The efficiency of typography was leveraged as well. Seven foot high letters make a statement and can easily be read inside the shop by any passer by on the street.

Our concept of efficiency and simplicity was carried all the way through the shop. the playfulness had to be in there too.