Brand Development, Branding, naming, Web Design

Acctuall, was the name we developed for this new company and it’s services. 2 of the over-arching brand tenant’s are simplicity and confidence, so the logotype we developed had to be reflective of those qualities.

Acctuall is a web based finance tool with access to trained and qualified finance professionals. The service was designed for restaurant types who would rather bedeveloping better menus and optimizing service, rather than worrying about payroll and other back office concerns.

Communicating the full suite of services and the benefits the features can deliver to the small to mid size restaurant owner was imperative. simplified pages, useful bite-sized information and strong iconography, assisted in this effort.

In our brand research we discovered that small to mid sized restaurant owners desired freedom. Acctuall’s services and tools promise to help these users, by freeing them from the duties best left to trained finance professionals.

The icon system we developed visually communicates and anchors each service/function that the Acctuall service provides.