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Adobe Life

Angrybovine was honored to be on the design team led by Owen Jones Partners on the revamp of the Adobe Life Magazine. Adobe Life is a digital showcase for prospective and active employees. 

The HR team at Adobe who runs the magazine were looking for a way to make the footprint of their existing magazine more engaging and more useful on mobile devices. So we aimed for more discovery and richness.

With such a vibrant corporate culture and so many streams of really rich and authentic content our real challenge was to figure out how to let the fabric of adobe show through while being navigable. We arrived at a living, breathing, organized yet kinetic matrix of sorts.

Lets face it, the real success of any company is dependent on great employees, and adobe is full of them. The people behind the big “A” logo are really the stars of the show here, we just gave them a big, visceral magazine experience for their stories to be told on.

Our job was not only to figure out how to organize the content and provide the platform for stories, we also developed multiple templates that would allow the content team to select specific page type dependent on the type of story going into the page.

As the official supplier of software for most creatives around the world, its no surprise that the company is also full of bright, innovative people, who make the tools for creatives and marketers to do their jobs everyday. Through a long scrolling narrative we highlighted some of the best right and left brain achievements of Adobe to date.

Being an HR centric publication, we had to have the data prospect and active employees are looking for in regard to corporate values and benefits, we just did it the adobe way, with a little fun, discovery and innovation.