Affinity Video Re-brand

Art Direction, Brand Development, Branding, Print, Web Design

Affinity Video Re-brand

After an in-depth brand study and a resulting deeper understanding of affinity video’s multi-faceted audience a new mark and logo was developed to represent the fluid connection between the company, its services and users. 

Special attention was paid to develop a modular and integrated system for the delivery of product information. The resulting system allows internal team members to quickly identify the right information for the right customer.

Affinty’s new customers all receive guides for the particular service they’ve purchased. We developed a series of guides and handy use cards that extend the affinity product information system.

Stepping back and looking at the new product information system it is simple to see that all of the parts together make a greater connected whole.

After designing a series of treatments for the affinity video Denver headquarters, affinity chose our approach of a bold pop of color and elegant laser cut logo as the focus of their lobby. other subtle elements of the brand can be found in conference rooms and entry.