Branding, Logo/Corporate ID, Web Design

Angrybovine worked with Fry Advertising to partner on the re-branding of the online survey pioneer “SurveyGizmo” as they matured into new markets with a new name and visual brand that was enterprise grade.

As with most tech companies their website is a highly critical part of their lead generation and sales making. In addition to a new logo we  designed a new website that captured the new essence and direction of Alchemer.

The “Why Alchemer”page covered the breadth and depth of the company’s offering and capabilities. 

Probably one of the most important pages on the website, the entire pricing section was rethought. Especially the pricing tables. our aim? Clarity and detail.

The Enterprise page was another very important page within the website, as it positioned the widely known and capable tool as one with real power and dependability required to be a player in the enterprise space.

Landing pages are an important tool for marketers within organizations to create specific campaigns that reach specific audiences with specific needs. Here was no different, we created a foundational page template that was very versatile and useful.

Business socials.

Tech basics.