Answer Racing 2022 catalog

Art Direction, Print, Visual Design

Answer Racing 2022 catalog

We were very proud to help globally renowned industrial design studio, Jett Development with the plan, deign and production of the Answer Racing 2022 catalog. 

The catalog was Answer Racing’s first big push of their new positioning  communicating their improved quality and racing heritage. That meant “Race Grade” all day.  

A completely new approach to product photography and setting. 

Zero in on the details.

Overall the book became a series of systems, that allowed for action photos and product shots to co-exist and support one another.

Aiming for multiple reads and showcase improved quality and construction.

Product. Roost.

With massive improvements in the goggle line, it was time to give them some hero status.

Feel the rainbow™.

With the re-positioning of Answer, the youth audience is one of biggest audiences, so gave them their whole own half of the book.

The entire Youth section took on a much lighter and open look.

Ready for launch.

The young and the bold.

Even though this catalog was a glimpse of the future, it seemed fitting to close with a bit of history., because Answer has literally been there since day 1.