Automation Anywhere

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Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere has dedicated the last decade to driving the adoption of robotic process automation technology.

As we developed the brand and branding for Automation Anywhere, the irony we arrived at was that Automation let people be the best they could be. And we developed a branding system that exemplified that.

The logo was no different and was explored in depth, to make the mark worked well everywhere it may be used. 

The redesign of the website, was a major undertaking and there was a lot of content and audience to consider.

Probably one of the largest sites we’ve designed recently, with so much product information and audience context we provided Automation with almost 20 templates to build and grow their site from. 

Content is king. In the world of enterprise software marketing, resource libraries are where the truth is told, Automation Anywhere, worked with us to let us create a very scalable and useful platform for them to develop a deep, rich set of content on.

We were very pleased to concept the look and feel of their new Santa Clara, California offices.

In our effort to help them build a content library that matched the level of their world class software, we helped them solve, who uses, how it works and why automation software is critical to businesses today.