Axiom EPM

Web Design

Axiom EPM

When Axiom EPM, a leader in enterprise management software, needed a new site that better reflected the capabilities of their company they came to AngryBovine.

With a complex product offering and multiple audiences, it was our goal to develop a usable design system that would create levels of information that could be repurposed and reused throughout the site.

The homepage had to work very hard, often at first visit prospects may not even know what they are looking for or need. We simplified that experience in many ways.

With such specific business needs and a highly configurable product, we created multiple ways to capture a lead at every step of the journey.

We decided to approach content rich pages more like magazine layouts rather than the traditional overspill of information found on many enterprise software sites.

Industry experience is very important to buyers of in the market for type of software, we made it clear that Axiom EPM works with leaders in specific verticals. client and case study pages were organized with this in mind.

The company page became unique, to avoid drilling down into traditional leadership pages, we put those in charge right up front.