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BlogMutt tries to make the content part of marketing easier and simpler than ever, through their army of ready and waiting copy writers. Just like a loyal dog they’re ready to get the job done.

From the gate BlogMutt wanted a fun and approachable brand that didn’t take itself too seriously.

For a brand focused on content, we developed a brand guide that communicated more than just what colors to use or which font to pick. 

The brand guide did document colors, fonts and logos, but more importantly it acts as an introduction the brands beliefs and values.

For a company who provides content on a wide variety of topics we could think of no better tools to communicate the eclectic and ever changing qualities of this company than a wide color palette and a bunch of choice fonts to give the brand character.

We created a series of fun shareable wall papers fro mobile and desktop that captured the essence of the company, based on original content they created to describe themselves.

As with most web businesses, your website is your heart and lifeblood. The original BlogMutt site was in need of revamping to match the level of service and quality they were providing in addition to portraying a lot more of the BlogMutt personality.

The BlogMutt Web experience is designed to be fun and engaging, we showcase content as art throughout the site, to reaffirm the idea that content is king at BlogMutt. 

BlogMutt offers very tailored services should you desire them. So an easy to use pricing page was designed, here the user can see plans and add and subtract additional features and services and see its effect on monthly billing, until they find the one thats just right for them.

BlogMutt can mean many things to many audiences, and lets face sometimes new things are hard to understand. We developed many how it works graphics and information driven pages that weren’t boring.

Never one to take themselves too seriously, BlogMutt signed on for some great company t-shirts.