Cloud Elements

Art Direction, Branding, Visual Design

Cloud Elements

When we we’re approached by Cloud Elements to update their growing brand we more than happy to help.

A big part of updating a new brand is making sure a system is in place so that existing parts of the existing brand can replaced.

It was important that the brand fit into the environment of those who would be using it. 

The opportunity to do a rebrand always comes with unique challenges, Cloud Elements has some strong brand elements in use, so we had to make sure the new brand fit in well to these existing elements, like business cards.

As part of the re-brand we were very involved in the re-thinking of how Cloud Elements explained who they were and what they did, the first place this was revealed was right on their homepage.

With all of our brand projects its important to have a simple handoff that documents the journey of what we’ve done and how to use it.