Art Direction, Brand Development, Branding, Cycling Kits, Logo/Corporate ID, Motion, Photography, Visual Design, Web Design


Cognoscenti is expert led, high end cycling and food experiences in Boulder, Colorado. We set out out to create a brand, that represented the best of the best. Ride first class.

For this emerging brand, we knew we had to develop a branding system that could work in many places as the brand grew, so we provided a flexible logo, color and type palette.

All Cognoscenti riders can expect to be well treated, bottles are plentiful and one of the most shareable pieces of the brand. 

From cycling kits to bikes to vehicles, Cognoscenti comes across first class all the time.

Finding a trip is easy on the Cognoscenti website, we launched the brand and website with a moving video that we art directed and participated in that was shot and produced by the wonderful team at Balcony Nine. Check out the short here. is all about the trips. So we designed a platform for them to be able to easily maintain and update so that people could find trips and book easily.

For a first class organization like Cognoscenti, the beauty is in the details, we designed and produced business cards for the staff, that featured the photographic work of Kevin Scott-Bachelor, that showcased the beauty of Boulder, Colorado and the amazing riding and food that can be found there.