Davis Phinney Foundation

Art Direction, Web Design

Davis Phinney Foundation

It was an honor to provide the design foundation for america’s most winning cyclist and his personal crusade, living with Parkinsons disease.

communicating the fact that living with Parkinsons is possible, the Phinney Foundation website aims to showcase and provide resources to those with PD so they can live well, everyday.

As a non profit it’s important to provide access to information that clearly shows where and how spending happens. We integrated the brand into all of their online and offline data visualizations.

The Phinney Foundation hosts events all over the united states, bringing those with PD together. we developed simple ways for users to find and see the events they were interested or participated in.

Living well, is the basis of the Phinney Foundation, lower level pages were designed to provide information and access to everything that can help those with PD in their goal to live well everyday.