Eversight Labs

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Eversight Labs

Eversight provides solutions that help retailers and consumer goods manufacturers improve promotions based on human behavior patterns which was reflected in the logo.

At the heart of this emerging brand was a rich and engaging website that communicated the need for Offer Innovation, the companys core solution

We created a number of templates that Eversight could leverage as the business and message grew, empowering the marketing team.

In addition to the website, we also designed an visually engaging and information rich series of eBooks, that put the value of innovation in the hands of the audience. 

To really drive the idea of Offer Innovation we designed, art directed and crafted a motion piece that was rich with insight and clarity regarding the state of offer promotions today.

The new brand had to stand up in many locations, we accomplished thru simple bold color and catching imagery.

The true testament for any branding is the impact it has when you can actually touch it, these cards lived up to what we hoped they would be for Eversight.

As the brand continues to grow so does their content offering, we helped Eversight develop the first of many (to come) infographics.