Friends School

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Friends School

Friends School is a top ranked US independent school located in Boulder Colorado that is dedicated to challenging minds, nurturing spirits and honoring individuality.

The school has grown during its 30 year history but its visual brand had yet to follow. Until now. So we updated and documented this dynamic and fun place to learn.

This re-brand touched everything from the logo to cards and a quick refresh to their website.

During our design process it was important that the decision makers could see the brand where it would be “seen”. 

As with all schools, presence is everything, with 2 campuses and still growing, we wanted to make sure the new brand would stand out where ever it was applied.

The logo was intended to be as dynamic as the school itself, and contains 3 levels of graphic forms, each signifying the 3 core tenets of Friends School, challenging minds, nurturing spirits and honoring individuality. 

Beyond the logo we also designed the communication style for advertising pieces.

One of the highlight pieces of collateral that we designed was a “Fact Book”, an easily shared and digested brochure that quickly communicated the “Why Friends School?”