Fuqua Campout 2011

Fuqua Campout 2011

Campout is an annual Duke University phenomenon, prior to the tip off of basketball season, Duke’s school of business, Fuqua, wanted to create an online social game that brought in its diverse set of alums to experience that same energy, online.

For campers participation was simplified by a steady stream of tasks, called check ins. Upon answering correctly the campers were awarded points and moved into rankings. sweet 16, elite 8, final 4, then championship.

Campers found that there were many type of questions and challenges that could be thrown their way.

Campers were encouraged to compete as often as they liked over the actual period of time that the real campout took place. once the live campout ended so did the online version. At the end there was only one champion.

Throughout the entire experience campers were treated to results, ranking and the ability to reconnect with other alumni.