Fuqua, The Duke School Of Business

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Fuqua, The Duke School Of Business

Rethinking the boundaries was designed to communicate the worlds first truly globally distributed business school. A highly engaging homepage housed 5 categorically organized sections of content that were immediately discoverable. 

Secondary page layouts were crafted to best handle the types of data that the multiple teams managing them would need. 

With the new direction of the school it was an obvious choice and opportunity to optimize the diversity of the existing program literature. The goal was to design a system that more engaging and consistent while being cost effective.

The cross-continent program was the first program to be deployed in our new template.

The entire rebrand effort debut was unveiled during a live and webcast even, where Dean Shepperd relayed the vision for the school’s new direction.

Fuqua wanted to announce the schools new intent via many platforms it had within its reach. from email campaigns to Fuqua’s Facebook presence the new brand was there.

The new brand was leveraged heavily into the stage and global webcast.

Extending the brand into offline material such as event signage for the global event was greatly simplified by the simple but effective design system that was initially implemented for the web.

To announce the new direction of Fuqua, advertising was created to create interest in some of businesses most respected publications. all driving readers back to the new web presence.