Fuqua Weekend Executive MBA

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Fuqua Weekend Executive MBA

For the repositioning of  The Duke Weekend MBA we worked directly with them to help communicate a transformative experience for the restless professional that is looking to define a new standard for themselves and their career. It became a call to those ready to challenge themselves and MJ was our muse.

Not all weekend MBA programs are created equal. This is the Duke MBA, tailored for the working professional who demands the most of themselves and knows they are capable of more.

The Duke Weekend MBA experience defines new outcomes and career possibilities that set the standard for the world’s most demanding businesses today and tomorrow. And we profiled the successes of those who had raised their standards as our focal point.

The website leveraged the strong graphic system and combination of dramatic photography throughout the web experience.

It was critical that the new brand fit into the frame work of the Fuqua collateral system we designed as part of the whole schools rebrand, and it was  a delight to return to that footprint with a new message.