giveo 2.0

Art Direction, Brand Development, Product Design, Web Design

giveo 2.0

In an effort to help reposition giveo as a software services provider with an agency edge. We rethought our original web presence for them a little bit differently.

Giveo provides a focused set of products that can be customized to meet virtually any organization’s cause giving or corporate responsibility need. the product landing page at a glance demonstrated this.

Each product has a variety of features and functionality. we chose to provide a portfolio like approach, showing the visual versatility of the product in combination with true product data.

As with any software that has a high degree of customization and implementation there is usually a complicated structure to show pricing and features. one of giveo’s brand mantras is simplicity…we stuck to that idea even here.

 Giveo has a strong brand ethic, and we dedicated a space to communicate their beliefs for all to see.

Let’s face it without clients a company is really nothing. Giveo is proud of every organization they have ever worked with and it shows

When we conducted our brand study, we always like to ask, “if you’re brand were a person who would it be?” the said “bono”. And we thought he’d be great for a 404 page.