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Glowpoint is a high touch video conferencing and collaboration service that is built on years of experience in the video world.

We undertook a complete overhaul of the existing Glowpoint corporate site and updated to be relevant and simple.

It was our goal to deliver simple modular templates that would grow with the brand.

AS this company grows, recruiting is an important task, one special page we paid extra attention to was the “About” page

in addition to redesigning their website, we took the new branding and usage paradigms to the their many product interfaces.

Collateral is important in any b2b sales cycle. Glowpoint now has a system that is effective and memorable.

Following the brand cues we had set up for the digital experience, we leveraged those right into print.

One underlying sentiment from those who used video alot is something in common, we pivoted that right into the launch campaign and video.