Gold Hill Store and Pub

apparel, Branding, Illustration, Logo/Corporate ID

Gold Hill Store and Pub

The Gold Hill Store and Pub is an icon nestled high above Boulder, Colorado in the town of Gold Hill. A frequent destination of adventurous cyclists and mountain folk.

The store itself is well over a 100 years old and it didn’t seems right to give it a “modern” or corporate logo. So we built a highly organic and re-usable one from the actual “stuff” that the town is made of.

The store serves as the “spiritual” (and literal) center of town, and that towns warmth lives within the Round Oak stove that is found inside. 

The “logo” system was designed to be adaptable and changeable. Here it is in the “stove” configuration.

The “Round Stove” version of the logo. 

Which adapts well to packaging store goods. 

As well as things that may be sold outside of the store.

The store itself and recognizable facade is also part of the flexible system. 

The project really began as a “let’s create some merch” type of project but quickly grew into a one-of-a-kind design system complete with custom font and hand drawn illustrations.

That system really is series of parts that can be assembled and built on in different ways to make whatever the store needs it to do. At the end of the day we hope the system continues imbue the same eclectic personality the town is known for.

Did we mention this was all for store merch?