Grandtrunk goods, a provider of outdoor lifestyle accessories from hammocks to cooking utensils, came to bovine looking to put a more contemporary face that was more relevant to the audience they wanted to reach.

By leveraging large type and a blocky tangible grid…Grandtrunk got the new voice and face it was looking for.

The large scale of the design elements, also have a usability benefit. products are being more interacted with because they are easier to see and engage with, increasing click-thrus.

¬†Product pages we completely re-thought, utilizing elements and information rich offline pieces…we were able to create a page that had as much information as the user decided, the more they scrolled. the more they got.

Grandtrunk is fortunate to have an active community that works for and evangelizes the brand. the blog is the showcase where this community shows through.

Even down to the login pages, the simple strong and graphic nature of the type implementation made virtually every page engaging and feel well thought out.