Great Escape


Great Escape

When we were approached to create the great escape brand, it quickly became our goal to develop a brand that was strong, authentic and felt like nothing else in the equine world.

Since the main purpose of the great escape is to protect the mustang, we adopted a strong heraldic theme and palette that was pulled throughout the materials.

We set out to develop a brand system that is memorable, classic and new all at the same time.

Supporter patches were one of the first items rolled out by the rescue, strong and authoritative, anyone wearing one of these is considered a guardian.

The website is the focal point for all marketing and donation efforts. It was important to make sure the new brand adapted well to an online setting.

The great escape has an additional goal of educating the public on why these special animals deserve our interest and protection, so the site had to serve as a resource as well as an engagement piece.

Empowering the public through education the site provides access to many ways that supporters can take action and get involved with the entire mustang sanctuary movement.