Hugs-N-Punches¬†started as a passion project among friends to show the rest of the world how much we care…kind of.

We sought to develop a flexible identity that supported the duality of hugs n punches in any situation.

Since the web is one of the most easily accessible places to display your love and disapproval for just about anything. We thought, what better place to host the archive of many of ours!

The main concept behind the site is to allow users to upload their hug, usually a compliment or supportive comment. however in addition to hug come the punch or the leveler, always some harsh reminder of reality. All in one clean unabashed setting for all to see and bear witness.

Since the creators of the site are probably the only ones who will ever use or read, it stands to reason that we really believe in will continue to labor on this project under the impression it doesn’t suck…super bad.