I’m a FasCat

Art Direction, Brand Development, Print, Web Design

I’m a FasCat was launched as a microsite for FAsCat Coaching. FasCat was fortunate to have pro athlete and National Champ, Timmy Duggan, to be a focal point of the campaign.

Located in Boulder, Colorado home of pro athletes and everyday joes and jills who can kick your ass most days of the week, the I’M a FasCat campaign focused on this idea.

As FasCat appeals to athletes of all levels we wanted to showcase their coaching plans, and the staff behind them.

We were lucky enough to shoot with Photographer and CX star Michael Robson, the athletes were perfectly at home in his studio.

 In an effort to help FasCat get the most out of their investment, image assets translated seamlessly into offline materials as well.

FasCat continues to leverage the campaign into much of its digital communication and advertising.