InspirePay is a brand, bent on making it easier for people to request and pay online by providing a platform that offers options to those requesting money and to those paying. Options people.

 Tangible elements in regards to the emerging InspirePay brand was critical, one concept we presented for business cards was to supply team members with cards that had their likeness in addition to their personal info on them. In meetings holders of the cards could assemble the team to show its unity.

We approached the InspirePay website, just as we approached the brand, focusing on the tenet of simplicity. We took the notion of a one page site for the homepage and exploded it, so we could house a lot of information and not overwhelm the user.

On lower level pages we applied the rule of simplicity again and were able to provide a wealth of information in digestible bits.

In an effort to drive users to see how truly simple the product is, they have to try it. Our demo in fact became a sign up to use the product. By simply signing up for the product, people could see how easy the product was to use.

Special attention was paid to the about section, so that all company info could be accessed in a simple engaging way.

Once registered, people and businesses can set up their own pay pages on templates we designed with a high degree of personalization in mind, linking back to the core brand idea of options people.