Kristen Wheeler

Art Direction, Brand Development, Branding, Illustration, Logo/Corporate ID, Web Design

Kristen Wheeler

Kristen Wheeler is the founder of native genius and the go to coach when you’re looking to combine success with fulfillment. with her unique ability to uncover all those things that make us great, she will uncover your native genius.

Color was very important to Kristen, we contextually explored color through thoughtful reminders that were mobile phone wallpapers that can now be shared with her clients.

Kristen needed a website and brand that could walk the line between being approachable to individuals yet trusted by organizations, judging by her growing client list we’d say she’s onto something.

Unique photography was art directed to fit the many facets of the services that Kristen delivers, as well as getting across her energy.

At the heart of the site is great content available for download, we wanted to make sure that page was just as special as the materials you got there.