New Option Partners

New Option Partners

New Option Partners stands alone in the world of commercial real estate, they stand for the tenant seeking new property. They wanted a brand and communication material that let you know right off the bat they did the things that looked and felt different.

The site revolved around photography of the beautiful well designed spaces they help their clients find. A long scrolling site took users on an introductory journey that is representative of New Option.

New Option is proud of the fact that is has values, and these values and their process were highlighted and communicated front and center.

Even the contact page was given special attention and showcased just a glimpse of the personality that is behind New Option Partners.

We translated what was learned in the website and created a brochure that couldn’t be ignored, and maybe couldn’t even be put away.

The team at New Option is larger than life, and so is the work they do, the brochure tried to follow that lead.