Prism Branding & Visualizations

Prism Branding & Visualizations

Prism Skylabs is a stealth new company developing some very innovative ways for businesses to leverage video from a cost center into a revenue generator.

We developed identity and a branding system, starting with business cards that gave prism an established character that was forward looking.

We pulled strong emerging brand elements into stationery and beyond.

Presentation materials that were not your average powerpoint decks were developed as the team begins business conversation and presentations.

A purposefully stark and unique place holder website was delivered to provide an anchor for online interest.

A big part of our role was to concept and visualize key product ui, details and approaches. we started with what types of content would the user want and how would it display.

In our visualization exercise we also provided experimentation around video effects and bringing that all into one clean interface.

In addition to giving engineers visual to draw from for development these explorations also provide the foundation for investor decks that speak to the need, power and potential of Prism Skylabs.