Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Logo/Corporate ID, Visual Design, Web Design

The first and only serious  training tool for MTB/BMX/MX. machine, a bench press, a squat rack, a balance board and a dead lift.

We were excited to lend a helping hand in this brand update. Our goal was to provide a system that would allow for RipRow to launch with a credible extensible brand.

Its always rewarding to direct the vision of “what this could be”.  With RipRow we knew we had a unique physical object that needed a bold & efficient look.

Additional elements that complemented the RipRow athlete experience while creating additional brand awareness opportunities.

As with most businesses today, RipRow’s website is a center point for information and purchase. We provided an updated look to their existing site that matched the updated brand.

Product pages were rethought and cleaned up as well as secondary pages to complete this project’s initial phase.