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RTI HS is an organization steeped in rigor and process, and maintains a legacy of setting scientific standards. We made sure the updated logo honored its roots but took a step forward in organization and color.

At the heart of RTI HS is people. The new RTI HS brand showcases the ethical and objective researchers that ensure that their results will hold up to scrutiny and reveal the benefits, risks, value and potential of their clients products.

It was critical that the re-brand took made sure that the logo and typographic suggestions would work well in many applications.

As a nod to the companies origins and original logo, we re-employed the parenthesis (a hint to science and equation) as a stylized graphic element that was about the potential of discovery and the success of their clients products, became an important part of the new visual language.

As we developed the new brand it was important to explore the potential of the new branding system across a wide array of of collateral for future development and updating of existing materials.

RTI HS attends many industry events, so it’s booth presence was totally rethought from the ground up. Working directly with their trade show team we arrived ata  modular booth setup that was easy to ship and reconfigure, graphically and physically.  

As we rolled out the new brand across collateral and physical elements, Angrybovine helped the RTI HS web team bring a recently rebuilt website into alignment with the visual brand.