Chronotrack Run On

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Chronotrack Run On

Run On is a campaign for the comprehensive endurance sports solutions leader, Chronotrack. Primarily know for handling running events, we took the idea that they could do so much more and moved it forward for ALL events that need registration and results.

We develop the branding system that launched the campaign, reimagining Chronotrack in a way that creates excitement within the industry.

The first application of the brand was a complete overhaul of the Chronotrack website.

Happy customers are a great selling tool. Through rich video placement, we made sure to provide access to the successes of existing customers using Chronotrack for every race, in their very own words. 

Interactive screenshots and some pretty slick animations we were able to bring the Chronotrack experience to life.

Robust product tours, rich with screens shots and photos are a staple throughout the website.

Iconography and badges play a big part of the new visual run on language, playing off the ideas of awards and achievements of the athletes taking part in the races that Chronotrack handles.

For the company page chose to talk Chronotrack’s heritage in racing through big, beautiful photos of races and the satisfied faces of those competing in them, overlaid by chronological achievements.

We developed a single video stands front and center through much of the users experience and was designed to communicate the value of comprehensive endurance solutions that Chronotrack provides.

For the launch we developed an easily shared brochure for the trade show circuit, putting the new campaign directly in the hands of race organizers and timers.

The latest step in the run on campaign is the development of a landing page system and engagement piece that speaks directly to race organizers and timers.