San Francisco Symphony

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San Francisco Symphony

The San Francisco Symphony redesign was an amazing undertaking…one of the worlds best symphonies had one of the most outdated sites. working closely with the marketing team we quickly identified their business goals and took a closer look at the real users…old and new. 

Davies Symphony Hall is an iconic structure yet it had never been influential on the website…until now. we leveraged physical attributes of the space into the the sites design. 

The music that plays here is reflective of the cosmopolitan complexity that is san francisco. We began our visual studies for the website by deconstructing the amazing array of materials they produce for all the varied performances, different sounds need different looks.

The chosen design took full frontal advantage of bold and brave new palette and brand that was developed by Sametz-Blackwell of New York. The result was a site that was easily updatable and always in fashion with the season.