Scalpel Si Launch

Art Direction, campaign, Collaboration

Scalpel Si Launch

It was quite the honor to collaborate with Evan Fry on the launch of Cannondale’s flagship XC race bike. With racing near and dear to both of us, we were only happy to help tell a new story for XC. XXC.

If we were going to XC to the next level we knew we had to supply a visual language that was just as aggressive as the race courses the new world of XXC themselves.

With all sorts of media placements we wanted to make sure the creative lived up to the copy and concept, no matter the format.

Bike nerds love info, specs and tech. The Scalpel Si brochure delivered. Gritty, compact and packed with info.

Texture, contrast and immersion so you could see the big picture.

And a design system that kept it interesting in the nitty gritty.

It was awesome to see the system proliferate into the Cannondale world and race scene.

The XXC system was built for retail.

Concept production art for the Scalpel Si launch in La Garda, Italy.