Scrib is a CO working space in Boulder, Colorado. It is a place for…

The Scrib CO working space acts as a sort of incubator where entrepreneurs and the people launch ideas, creatives, developers, etc can all come together.

The logotype for Scrib had to be simple, bold and now.

With the physicality of the space and multiple opportunities online and offline for branding we developed a mark that scaled well and worked in many ways.

The logotype is really built upon the idea of Scrib. The slash represents a choice when used in written language. Scrib in sense is a choice, to not be locked to one desk, to carve your own path.

When dealing with space its always important to envision the space you want to develop. We worked with scrib to concept furniture, paint and finish ideas.

Additionally we carried the graphic design, typography and palette to create specific areas of interest to certain parts of the space.