Selectica provides some of the world’s most successful companies with software that improves the effectiveness of their sales and contracting processes.

For the rebrand of Selectica, AngryBovine developed an identity that reflected its history yet clearly illustrated its attention on new opportunities and unification of two segments of its business that until now, could not be brought together.

Simplicity, efficiency and accessibility are core tenants of the new brand. the business system and logo development were connected directly to these ideas.

Even though Selectica is a public company, boring and stayed was exactly who they did not want to be. Core to the concept of this rebrand, it was important to differentiate every touch point of communication, from product offering explanations to cards in hand.

Working closely with the internal marketing team that creates all of the wonderfully rich and useful pieces of content regarding the Selectica offering and implementation, we developed a varied and interesting set of communication pieces that are now the cornerstone of the resource center. These engaging publications reinforce their position of leader in the space.

Printed communication for trade shows etc. was developed to proudly introduce the new brand and give information seekers something interesting and useful to take home with them.

Interesting form factors, unexpected fold outs and engaging content made each printed piece a valuable tool in new customer acquisition and awareness generation.

To help create an extensible library of visual cues and icons we leveraged a series of icons and adapted them to uniquely fit the new selectica brand. Now the internal teams continue to build from this base, as the brand continues to grow.

As with most software, the web is the most accessed way to understand what a company does. AngryBovine worked directly with the highly talented internal development team at Selectica to concept and design a site that shines not only in the B2B space, but online, period.

Very rich narrative approaches were employed to tell the story of Selectica, immersing the viewer in engaging content and visuals throughout the entire visit.

As the main lead generation tool, even utility level pages were given special attention at every step, providing for a completely unique user experience, that fosters many, many ways to get to know Selectica better.