Ski Lake Tahoe: Vacation Like a Local & blog

Art Direction, campaign, Web Design

Ski Lake Tahoe: Vacation Like a Local & blog

When Dispatch Communications asked us to join them in building a fun way for people to create their own ski getaways for Ski Lake Tahoe, we dove right in. Here is the campaign masthead we designed that set the tone.

The campaign was driven through multiple channels, but also maintains a presence on their own website.

The “vacation builder” is really a quiz powered by the fine folks at Wayin. Our goal was to create an engaging experience that led users to a fully configured vacation “just for them”.

Simple questions asked along the way channeled visitors down to an personalized vacation recommendation. 

The quiz results delivered a packaged recommendation in the form of a “local type”.

For each of the 6 “local types” we designed compact illustrations that represented their personality, and inspired by the campaign masthead.

As part of the project, we provided the templates for the blog, since this effort was built on an underlying content marketing initiative, it made sense to update the blog that powers the content behind the results of the quiz.