Sovrn 2017

Branding, Logo/Corporate ID, Web Design

Sovrn 2017

Having designed and developed the original we partnered with the marketing team to tackle a big evolution for the brand starting with their website.

With a more mature product and audience, the site became more dynamic and even a bit unexpected to explain the sovrn offering.

The home page ended up serving multiple functions, but the efficient part of the redesign was that the homepage served as the main “product” page.

One of the goals of the redesign was to create fewer pages, but have them be not only richer, content wise but also flexible from a template stand point. 

We provided a very adaptable website system through module selections, content length and color choices that was applied across the entire web experience.    

We took what we had learned on the web side and delivered a consistent visual experience by updating all the sovrn collateral.