Brand Development, Branding, Web Design

sovrn is a programmatic advertising and publisher platform, built upon its predecessors, federated media and the lijit publishing platform it becomes a best of breed service that allows provides the tools for the independent web to continue to flourish.

During the brand’s development, we zeroed in on the idea that the web isn’t unlike the opportunity found during the gold rush, so we strived to create something utility and purposeful.

From the beginning we developed a solid logo and brand system that could be extended to many places.

It was important to help sovrn envision the brand during our development and to actually see how well the logo would be implemented into the exiting structures and systems.

The launch site was designed to splash the brand in to the world mind, but it was a look back to actual gold claim paper work that helped define the look of the site.

 Collateral was the first area we were able to really apply the utility qualities of this emergent brand.

You know you hate it, but powerpoint is how business is communicated. so we delivered a deck that was unabashedly bold, powerful and simple.

To distribute the brand off right, partners and employees all were given access to the logo style guide to get every on the same page.