SRAM: The Path

Art Direction, Branding, campaign, Visual Design

SRAM: The Path

SRAM approached us with the want to create some visual impact highlighting the entire etap system, within their social channel as well as out in the “real” world.¬†

We ended up developing a movable and varied backdrop system, that we called “The Path” as it provided a visual path that created focus on the SRAM etap on a fully built bike, even in noisy environments.

Equally at home in the studio,”The Path” could also be shipped to regions and easily deployed by photographers at race sites and other riding locales. The initial rollout was studio photography like this drivetrain highlight.

Shifter highlight.

Disc highlight.

The impact of this campaign on instagram proved to be one of the companies most liked. By a long shot.

As part of our delivery we developed a guide for photographers to ensure “The Path” was consistent and engaging. Always.