Stanford Humanities and Sciences

Creative Direction, Visual Design, Web Design

Stanford Humanities and Sciences

The task here was to design 3 sites with very different users and use case scenarios. The result? 3 highly differentiated sites representative of their audiences…all on one set of code. We start with Art.

The main role the site plays is to serve as a community interface.

At any school finding out what is going on at any time is of major concern. We designed a calendaring system that tied in to the schools multiple event databases and brought it all to one place.

Ethics in Society is an offshoot of the Philosophy Department at Stanford. Essentially a program centered around community and assistance, this site served as news and events resource. 

Finding people and events was a key function of this site so simple approaches to framing these procedures were undertaken.

The Philosophy Department wanted a compelling and moody site. They also wanted a bit of history.

The site was built with the purpose of content as a design resource, since reflected the constant change and flow of conversation that takes place in documents and conversation which could now happen online too.

Essentially an ad hoc CMSsystem arose from the sites social functions, here people, could form groups, leave comments and carry ideas online and share well beyond the boundaries of the campus.