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Step2Compliance focuses on helping the owners and operators of stationary engines, generators, pumps, and things like that, make sure that they are compliant with national and local emissions standards. With Step2Compliance its easy for these folks to know where they stand, by delivering a solution that instills confidence in where they stand.

 Step2Compliance helps owners and operators of stationary engines, stay compliant, with rapidly changing emissions laws and standards, its really a guessing game as to where you stand. Communicating the simplicity and need for the step2compliance offering was imperative.

In an effort to help step2compliance clearly communicate we designed a brand and visual system of simple graphics and clean layouts that will allow this company to grow.

We took a complicated question/answer scenario down to a simple 4 step process, delivering the immediate glimpse compliance standings, that they need to be confident.

We designed a simple powerful collateral system for StepCompliance that is cohesive and fresh. from folders and brochures to business cards.

An unexpected, but very welcoming set of business cards, evolved out of the collateral development process, the multi color backs are a hint at an ever changing space.

This single brochure that talked about the problems within the space and the resulting need for the overall approach of the company, additionally we developed a platform for more detailed individual product information, that fit neatly into the folder and overview brochure.