The Bicycle Outfitter

Art Direction, Branding, Logo/Corporate ID, Web Design

The Bicycle Outfitter

Since 1976, the bicycle outfitter, located in Los Altos California has been an icon of bike shops in the Bay Area.

Knowing the level of history and legacy of the original brand, we chose to embrace certain elements and make them relevant to today and tomorrow.

A complete and diverse system of marks, lockups and configurations built consistency and ensures freshness across a variety of applications.

Adapting the original concept of the rainbow, but moving it to world champion colors combined with an eclectic mix of type, honors the origins and reflects the diversity of the shop.

In addition to the rebrand we are currently updating all of the bicycle outfitter collateral, starting with cards.

And some fresh waterbottles.

And even a sticker or 2.

The bicycle outfitter website and social presences received face lifts too.

The first and most consistent brand signal out in the public is an ad series running in the Cycle California publications.