The Dome

Art Direction, Branding, campaign, Creative Direction, Logo/Corporate ID, Motion, Web Design

We were were proud to continue our partnership with Fry Advertising in the undertaking of building a brand and interest around The Dome.

The Dome a testing and R&D facility that focuses on validating helmet safety for powersports, cycling and snow sports and serves as the in-house test lab for Bell, C-Preme and Giro.

The Dome is an authority brand and it was important to document is as such. 

We were thorough in communicating the visuals standards we developed fro extension by internal teams and external vendors.

The Dome culminates its brand to the public through constantly evolving website. serves as an independent and objective resource for information on what goes into testing in addition to an ever growing material catalog.

The website needed to be authoritarian and accessible all at the same time. A simple powerful simple visual language was established site wide, so the facts could literal be found in black and white.

The Dome is a nimble organization, so we built a mobile studio set that could be assembled within the test facility for athlete and tester interviews.

We also concepted how the brand could look should the “show ” ever be taken on the road.