The localiq brand

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The localiq brand

Localiq is the highly localized digital marketing brand from the Gannett family of brands.

In addition to designing the localiq brand, it was our job to develop a guide book on everything the brand stood for and the things the brand is built from.

This publication is called “The Manifesto” internally and was the first documentation that many of the Gannett employees received around the localiq brand.

“The Manifesto” made it easy to understand exactly how localiq wanted to sound and appear to the world.¬†

Localiq is an array of digital marketing products and services whose combination is literally greater than the sum of its parts.

This guide really was about communicating the ideals of the brand to internal stakeholders so they could live the brand everyday.

Inspirational and directive sections were purposely designed to flow from one to another.

The most utility section of the manifesto was the branding guide section.

This section was literally a how to on how to “assemble” the brand.

It was also important to devise enough asset previews for the internal design teams to “see” where the brand could go.