The Pinyon

The Pinyon

The Pinyon is a Rocky Mountain artisanal bistro focused on small batch, craft driven food and drink. They wanted a site that reflected the ever changing food and moods of the restaurant without a lot of maintenance.

One problem we wanted to solve for the Pinyon was to make it very easy for management and wait staff to update their range of constantly changing menus. We did that implementing a wonderful CMS that allows simple updates from virtually anywhere.

Funny thing about a restaurant is you do a limited set of tasks while interacting with their site. We wanted to make sure contacting them and making a reservation, from your phone or computer, was dead simple.

Announcing special events within the restaurant is huge. with one post to the events page, the homepage and social presences all reflect that update, automatically.

Finding a restaurant should never be a challenge, with a clean and bold layout we made sure everyone could find the Pinyon.

All good restaurants have a story. we paid special attention to this portion of the site, as it archives the history and roots of the team that is the Pinyon.