VictorOps Brand

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VictorOps Brand

VictorOps is setting out to make the life of the it ops guy, just a bit more bearable and help them in the constant fight to be victorious against outages and downtime. From the outset the brand was designed to honor the user, with roots in military valor and an ode to the rugged qualities found in an outdoor brand, VictorOps had a presence from day one.

We carried the strong simple brand system into some of the first pieces of communication.

The launch site was designed to work where their audience would be, a responsive site that stated VictorOps had arrived no matter where you found it was developed.

The launch site was compact and purposeful in design, quickly communicating who was behind the endeavor and what their mission is.

The main interaction point with VictorOps will literally be in the hands of the user. our exploration into mobile interfaces for the initial product brought the branding to the front.

I.T. issues are often complex and require many points of view. We looked at many ways to handle these conversations.

We pulled the brand out of print and digital and wrapped the Boulder H.Q., or the mountain basecamp as it is known, in the new new colors and feeling of the brand.