Art Direction, Brand Development, Branding, Packaging, Print, Web Design

xlumena is medical device company pioneering translumenal procedures by the development of unique tools that allow surgeons to utilize the lumen (intestines) to access vital organs and operate on them with minimal invasiveness.

The xLumena web presence was unique in the sense that is was launched in the company’s quiet period where we had to be purposefully vague about the product. We took it as an opportunity, to create interest.

 A number of simple cleanly designed and modern templates were delivered for xLumena to develop as the company grew.

The brand and branding was a huge part of the what is now xLumena and we created a series of key visuals to help the executive team and investors, see that there was something very unique here. xLumena is poised to deliver access to doctors like never before.

Our original intent with xLumena was to make them standout in clinical environments, everything from palette to packaging. The boxes are striking in black on black with color coded labels, that distinguish specific products from one another.

From internal signage to business systems, xLumena communicates boldly and consistently where ever it goes.